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Musco Lighting is the undisputed worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of sports lighting. Musco’s metal halide and LED technologies provide energy efficiency, control spill light and glare, and the best warranty in the industry. Musco Lighting systems can be found on Little League fields to Olympic Game venues around the world. T3 is proud to be a Musco partner and provide cost-effective, trouble-free lighting solutions to our customers.

Musco’s TLC for LED creates an Era of Total Light Control.




Still 5 Easy Pieces™ Musco’s Light-Structure System™ with 5 Easy Pieces™ is designed and engineered so that lighting, structural, and electrical elements work together for superior overall performance. This proven approach provides our customers with rugged reliability, streamlined installation, and trouble-free operation – all with a 25-year warranty.


LED is simply the newest tool to put more light on your field, spill less around it, and reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Our Total Light Control—TLC for LED™ system achieves a level of precision never before possible. Musco Lighting systems provide controlled light, not floodlights. The patented, customizable optics of the TLC for LED™ system can control the intense, “rifle shot” of LED light like no other lighting solution. We put a higher percentage of light precisely where you want and need it: on the field. And players can track the flight of the ball like never before. With TLC for LED™, a MUSCO Lighting system can carve out the area to be lighted with pinpoint precision, dramatically cutting off any impact on the surrounding area. No more worrying about glare or spill impacting the area around your field.


True to our objective of delivering only the best, T3 GLOBAL and MUSCO stand behind everything we do while providing the kind of unmatched support that ensures your field is always ready to play.


Managing lights at more than four million games and events every year, Control-Link® is the only system monitoring service of its kind, providing 24/7 support from Musco’s team at Control-Link Central. With Control-Link®, you can control your lights instantly with the touch of a smartphone, and our team will likely know when an issue arises before you do. Once you have this feature, you won’t know how you lived without it.

25-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

MUSCO is the only company to offer a long-term warranty covering parts and labor because their sports lighting solutions are truly trouble-free. From the parts necessary for any maintenance or repair to the labor it takes to get the job done, MUSCO has it covered.

Why It Matters For You

It’s about peace of mind. With Control-Link® you can rest assured that the scheduling of your lights will be simple, streamlined, and efficient, while at the same time knowing that MUSCO is proactively monitoring your system’s performance. And the 25-year parts and labor warranty means you can check maintenance costs and concerns off your list.

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