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T3 Global Projects understands that building an artificial turf field is an important investment. You’ll want to keep your field in excellent condition to ensure longevity. Thankfully, you can count on us to provide artificial turf grass maintenance services. We’re your reliable turf maintenance company ready to help your sports field stays in pristine condition — we cover all of the Gulf Coast area. Get a quote now!

Artificial Turf Maintenance: Prolonging Your Turf’s Lifespan

When a synthetic turf field does not receive proper maintenance, it can show accelerated wear and tear as early as three to four years after installation. When it does receive the right care and is able to maintain proper levels of infill, the field can hold up well for up to 12 years and more. Our turf maintenance services help you achieve this longevity. That way, you can get the most out of your investment and keep athletes playing on a safe, high performance field.

Offering Comprehensive Solutions

We offer our turf maintenance service to all types of artificial turf. We are dedicated to what we do and pay attention to details, helping us achieve your complete satisfaction in every maintenance job.

How Our Service Works

T3 Global Projects has the right equipment to maintain your turf in pristine condition, following a 3-step process:

  1. We run our SportChamp groomer through the field to clean up the surface. During this stage, the groomer picks up all of the surface debris on the field, including metallic objects by using a magnet.
  2. Our team then attaches a deep groomer to the SportChamp and runs it again through the entire field. This process decompacts, aerates, and levels the infill. Additionally, we also check infill levels to identify uneven areas. This step ensures e consistent cushioning and shock absorption, especially in high-impact sports.
  3. The SportChamp then applies a disinfectant to the field, eliminating any germs or bacteria.

This process takes about seven to eight hours from start to finish, so we are quickly in and out.

Work With a Dedicated and Experienced Team

We’ve handled many sports construction projects, so we thoroughly understand artificial turf. By leveraging this knowledge, we’re able to perform efficient and complete services that help you reduce costs in the long run. Plus, the clean and disinfected fields help create a safe surface for your athletes.

Turf Maintenance: Schedule a Maintenance Job

Let T3 Global Projects help ensure that your artificial sports turf lasts for many years. With our maintenance services, we will keep your turf clean and in excellent condition for your athletes. Contact us today!


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